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        Development Milestone

        1999: Star China Electronics was established in Hong Kong.

        2000: Star China Shenzhen office opened.

                  Star China Group set up a SMT factory (called DBG) in Dayabay Huizhou.

                  Star China Group set up a Mass-Lam company in Dayabay called "Everbright Widelink"

        2002: Star China Group started a Metal-Work factory in Shenzhen

        2004: Star China Group started a Paper Printing Company in Shenzhen

        2005: Star China Group bought a 140,000 sqm land in Dayabay for business integration

                  Star China Group Invested to a PCB factory in Huizhou for the production of Sanyo PCB.

        2006: Star China's SMT factory "DBG" expanded its capacity to 60 automatic SMT lines.

        2007: Star China group started "Top Keen" for its LCD module production

                  Star China Group started a production plant for making high precision micro-motors

        2009: Star China Group launched their own brand of cell phone called "Kinko" & "Yolso"

        2010: Star China Technology was setup to provide full PCB supply & service.

        2011: Star China Technology R&D team started to develop aluminum based PCB & HDI board.

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